Meet Amelia


Erin D Jacobs Photography

Hi! My name is Amelia,

I am a mother of three, a wife and an elementary school teacher.  Although I am originally from Maine, now the mountains of Colorado are my home.  Living in such a beautiful place has made getting outside and being active an integral part of my life.  When my son was born my husband and I were able to keep up that lifestyle easily.  He was naturally a good sleeper, we were well rested, he was easy going and we were constantly dragging him up mountains.  I thought when I had twins that it would be the same, just a heavier load to pull up those hills!


A few months in I hit rock bottom,

I hadn’t left the house in days, hadn’t showered, hadn’t slept more than a two-hour stretch in months and I had anxiety every time I turned on the baby monitor. I decided to call a sleep consultant. The work I did with her changed my life. It not only helped me to get my twins sleeping through the night and enjoying the outdoors again, but it also sparked a light in me. As I learned more and more about sleep in children, I realized I wanted to use this knowledge to help other moms who were struggling like I had been.



I enrolled in the Family Sleep Institute

under world-renowned sleep expert Deborah Pedrick, to become a Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consultant. I believe every family is different; you have different goals, beliefs and concerns. My goal is to work with you as an individual; I will listen to you, address your concerns, be your support and provide knowledge and guidance to help get you dreaming again!.


Let me help you!

Get a sleep plan that is customized for your family. Together we will get your family sleeping again!