• Full Sleep Consult

    Ages 4 months – Preschool

    This package is the most comprehensive package. It includes a phone consultation, a customized sleep plan, 2 weeks of follow up support and information to guide you as your child’s sleep needs continue to evolve.

  • Newborn Package

    Ages 0-3 months

    Are you a new parent or expecting parent? Would you like to set yourself up for success with your baby’s sleep right from the start? This package will help you create a strong sleep foundation for your newborn and prepare you for the first few months of sleep.

  • Sleep Chat

    Do you just need 30 minutes to pick a sleep expert’s brain? This 30 minute consultation is based on your needs and questions. Topics that parents often discuss are nap transitions, moving to a big kid bed, sleep regressions or schedule help.

  • Punch Card

    For Returning Clients

    Are you a returning client whose child was sleeping well but have encountered a regression? Often events such as nap transitions, illness, travel or the arrival of a sibling may derail your child’s sleep. A Punch Card allows you 5 email exchanges. You may spread them out over a year, or use them all in a week. It is up to you!